October 18, 2016   tutorial

In this tutorial we try step by step installing myIgniter using built in PHP Web server start with installing PHP in command line until running myIgniter.

First things first we need :

Step 1 : Extract the files

Extract archive PHP.zip into “C:\” and extract myIgniter.zip into “C:\web\”

Step 2 : Configure php.ini

Copy “C:\php\php.ini-recommended” to “C:\php\php.ini”. There are several lines we need to change in the text editor (use search to find the current setting).

extension_dir = "C:/php/ext"

Enable extensions. This will depend on the libraries you want to use, but the following extensions should be suitable for the majority of applications (remove the semi-colon comment):


Step 3 : Add C:\php to the path enviroment variable

To ensure Windows can find PHP, you need to change the path environment variable. From the Control Panel, choose System, (then “Advanced system settings”), select the “Advanced” tab, and click the “Environment Variables” button.

Scroll down the System variables list and click on “Path” followed by the “New” button. Enter “C:\php”.


Now OK your way out. You might need to reboot at this stage.

Step 4 : Run in command line

Try run “php -v” in command line.


make sure the result like screenshot.

Step 5 : Configure myIgniter

Configure file “application/config/database.php” we need to changes “hostname, username, password, database, dbdriver” with our current database. Then configure file “application/config/migration.php” set $config['migration_enabled'] = TRUE;

Step 6 : Running myIgniter in command line

In command line go to myIgniter directory “C:\web\myIgniter\” then run command “php -S localhost:8080”


Step 7 : Running migration data myIgniter

Open browser go to url “http://localhost:8080/migrate/index/3” number 3 is the current latest migration we can check in the directory “application/migrations” then use the latest number. If success it will appear “Success”. Now we success migrate data to our database next step we need to change $config['migration_enabled'] = TRUE; into FALSE again.

Step 8 : Start build perfect webapp with myIgniter